About YRes

YRes is Resolution’s network of family law professionals at the start of their careers. As a Resolution member first and foremost, YRes members are committed to promoting the Resolution Code of Practice and adopting a constructive approach to family law issues. Each local YRes group is integrated with their Resolution Regional Committee and supported by the National YRes Committee. Working together, the groups benefit from shared knowledge, strengths and resources.

What does YRes do?

YRes exists to ensure that there is an opportunity for Resolution members who are starting out on their career path to share their experiences, concerns and ideas, ask questions, and develop skills and knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment. Regional YRes groups also provide a wide range of seminars, training and social events throughout the year. The National YRes Committee ensures that our junior practitioners have a voice in the decision-making process that is central to the development and future of Resolution.

YRes members can share their expertise with colleagues and peers to benefit their firms, and strengthen professional relationships within their region and across the country.

Members can also take advantage of working with a national organisation, raise their profile within the legal community and get to know those they might conduct cases with, improve their profile in their firm and encourage the referral of work.

How can you get involved?

Any Resolution member (full and affiliate) including solicitors, barristers, ILEX, FILEX, trainee solicitors, paralegals and students with up to ten years post qualification experience (or equivalent) is automatically part of the YRes network.

To become involved in YRes in your region, the first thing to do is get in touch with your local YRes Committee Chair. If you are unsure who your YRes Chair is you can contact your Regional Chair for details. We suggest you go along to the next YRes event in your region and introduce yourself. If you then want to become more involved, you can ask if there are any spaces on the YRes committee — a fantastic development opportunity.

There are also a number of YRes members engaged with Resolution at a national level. YRes members are encouraged to get involved with our national committees and sub-committees, whose work has an impact on all family practitioners, and influences policy on the issues that really matter to separating couples and their families.

Why get involved?

As a family law professional, joining YRes connects you with a network of your peers, and as a member you can expect:

  • Invaluable support
    • A vital source of support at the early stages of your career.
    • A forum to ask those questions you’re afraid to ask in the workplace.
    • Opportunities to socialise and perhaps make new friends.
    • Tools and knowledge to help you become a better family lawyer.
    • Makes the job a little easier, by getting to know the people you’ll be working with to help you reach agreements for your clients.
  • Professional development opportunities
    • Opportunities to network and meet your peers at a local and national level.
    • Builds lasting professional relationships with other family lawyers.
    • Targeted training on a wide range of family law areas.
    • Keeps you up to date on the latest developments in family law, and ensures you stay ‘ahead of the curve’.
    • Ideas to develop the way you practice in order to benefit you, your clients and your firm.
  • Increased profile
    • The chance to raise your profile at a local and national level by joining a Resolution Committee.
    • Opportunities to be an active part of raising the profile of Resolution to the next generation of family law practitioners.

Are you responsible for professional development within your firm?

If you have staff within your family team with ten years’ PQE or less, the benefits of joining YRes are not just for them. There are enormous benefits for your firm too.

  • Resolution members are listed on the Resolution website at no extra cost — a fantastic opportunity to help the public find your firm and use its services.
  • Clients will seek Resolution members as a mark of reassurance and quality. Ensuring all your family law team are members can help drive business to you and sets your staff apart from non-members in the area.
  • Resolution members cross-refer work, helping secure new business and increase revenue.
  • Resolution offers a dynamic and cost-effective programme of training, publications and events at a reduced rate for its members.