Member Feedback – Short Version(!)

As noted yesterday, over the past few months many of you will have been contacted by a member of the London YRes committee for your input on how we’re doing and what we could do more/differently to help you learn, network and socialise.

You can find a full summary of the feedback here but here are some of the things we’ve done recently, or are planning on doing in the near future, based on the discussions we’ve had with you:

  1. We have built this website to make it as easy as possible to find out what’s going on and give you somewhere to meet and interact between events and we’re now thinking about other ways to utilise this new platform to offer provide even more value to our members
  2. We have increased the frequency of events to around 10 a year (7 talks and 3 parties)
  3. We have added a page on the website to advertise other events aimed at junior family lawyers (whether that is other YRes groups or barristers’ chambers) to make it easier for you to find out what else is out there for you
  4. We have started, and will continue, offering one free talk a year, which we hope will be particularly appealing to members whose firms won’t pay for their attendance
  5. We are going to introduce the occasional careers/networking/marketing-type talk
  6. From January 2018 we’ll be adding more information about the content of talks to our flyers to help you identify whether they are relevant to your practice
  7. We are adding new ways of circulating details of our events (pretty new emails, hard copy distribution to all London Resolution members, website, twitter…) to ensure you hear about our events well in advance
  8. We have rebranded and taken steps to ensure that our branding is consistent across all media to ensure it is as clear as possible to follow what we’re doing
  9. We are developing a process to help you identify and get introduced to other London YRes members local to you
  10. We are going to look over the next few months at new/different ways to sign up and/or pay for attendance at our events

In short, it has never been easier to find out what’s going on and we’d love you all to get involved.

Do please bookmark the website, sign up to the forum and follow us on Twitter (@YResLondon).

If you have any questions or comments, do feel free to email me or another member of the committee or (even better) post your thoughts on the forum for everyone to share.

And finally, this year’s Christmas Party is going to be our biggest and best yet, so save the date (5 December 2017) and keep an eye out for your invite, which is coming soon.

Hope to see you all there!

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